– Run Forest! ….ruuuun!   CONIIN 2017 – RUN 3K, 5K & 10K Day of the run: May 15th – 7:30Hrs     Free Registration! 11 & 12 May at Engineering Faculty GYM 11:00 – 16:00 Hrs   “Make your registration and Get Free a DRI FIT Jersy  from CONIIN 2017 the day of the…

Register and Payment

  For CONIIN 2017 – ORAL and POSTER Session Register and Payment  Click Here For CONIIN 2017 – CONTEST – Civil and Automation Register and Payment Click Here        


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Paper Format and Deadline for Paper reception

Deadline for paper reception and updates is: March 15th, 2017    IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1) Official and Exclusive Paper Language: English 2) Please Upload only Full-Paper (Only Abstract will not be accepted) 3) Full-Paper less than 3 pages will be considered for POSTER only. 4) Full-Paper with 4 or more pages will be considered for ORAL PRESENTATION.   Paper…

CONIIN Picture Gallery

This is a commemorative Picture Gallery from past CONIIN events…   CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES ON FACEBOOK